Shoutout to our village of supporters!

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WOW! Last year I was a first-grade teacher looking for ways to make my students love school, then I blinked, and here we are! Over the summer an amazing group of people from Indian Springs Tennis Club and Life Church South BA heard my story and prayed for my ideas to grow exponentially. They helped put my dreams into action! June 20th, 2019 they generously opened their homes for a progressive dinner fundraiser. They sat and listened to me passionately pour out my heart for Oklahoma education for 30 MINUTES!! (Thank goodness for snacks and beverages!) At the end of my little presentation, they came to me with the ideas, feedback, and donations that were necessary to make Operation Engagement come to life. Ken and Sharla from Hird Law in Tulsa donated their time and resources to establish Operation Engagement as an incorporated non-profit and a pending 501(c)3, and I’ll never be able to say thank you enough times! Just from that one night of fundraising, I was able to have a website developed, register to speak at two conferences to get the word out to teachers, and create 5 new thematic learning kits! My family of entrepreneurs has talked with me late into the evening offering advice and ideas. So many friends have offered kind words of encouragement and acts of support. They say it takes a village, and while I don’t think that saying is actually referring to the startup of a little education non-profit, I sure am thankful for the village behind me and Operation Engagement and our vision to make students love school and learning through the engagement of classroom transformations. Teachers, get ready because Operation Engagement is only getting started!!!