Travel Kit

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” Our students are learning and growing up to go forth into the world as global citizens and change makers. Give them the opportunity to experience culture, diversity, exploration, and curiosity by bringing the world to them. By simply arranging desks like the rows of an airplane, we began the journey to incredible destinations and rigorous learning.

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Pilot costume- glasses, hat, tie, wings

Money from other countries

Passport stamps

Tourist hat

World maps (3)

Bag of Asian artifacts 

Miniatures landmarks (cheeseball container)

International flags banner

Mexican blanket, dress, and maraca

Green shaw

2 globes

Cayman islands wallet

Fiesta book and cassette tape

2 leis

  • Skype/Zoom with people who live or have lived in other countries
  • Students make a travel brochure for a country 
  • Play “real life” Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? with clues and maps!
  • Google Expeditions virtual guided field trips to countries around the world!
  • Story problems in math related to travel
  • Calculating distance between locations, time difference, or money value conversions
  • Google expeditions- “7 New Wonders of the World”
  • go noodle- how to say hi in 15 languages
  • Green screen app (has a pink octopus on it)- take pictures of kids on green paper then it turns the background to a place they traveled to make a postcard.
  • I brought Mexican candy and steamed rice for students to try food from other cultures.
  • I rearranged the desks and chairs in my classroom into rows to resemble the shape of an airplane with an aisle. I gave students a ticket at the door to find their seat and had them put their backpack under the seat in front of them, to simulate a real flight. 
  • Use google maps to find distances between different places to use with math story problems.

See the Travel Classroom Transformation Kit in Action