Super Hero Kit​

Perfect for a revamp of teaching citizenship and classroom procedures, taking a look into modern heroism and compare character traits with classic literature or for Hulk smashing your way through new standards, this kit encourages all students to find the hero within themselves. My spidey senses are telling me that this is exactly what your classroom needs to take engagement to the next level.

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More Information

4 plastic superhero masks

 Felt superhero masks

Student Capes

Captain America Shield

Thor Hammer

4 superhero plastic table cloths 

Infinity stone glove

3 superhero fabric backdrops

Hulk hands

5 plain colored plastic table cloths
small pennant banner

5 dry erase “calling all superhero” task cards

 Super Hero books

Comic book photo booth signs

5 drawstring bags
binder clips to hang things from ceiling grid



Complete a math fact quiz at Flash speeds

Ant Man & The Wasp

divide or subtract numbers to get smaller and smaller, have students complete a workbook page printed on ¼ of a page so its really small


Wear hulk hands to touch answers on the smartboard; or possibly techniques to control one’s anger

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth: Why is it important to tell the truth?


Thor’s Hammer heavy magnet science: why is it so difficult to pick up the magnet?


Spiderman’s Sticky Fingers: investigate how velcro works and see how much weight velcro can hold; or throw the velcro ball against the velcro wall and solve the problem you landed on.


Superman’s Freeze Breath and Heat Vision: investigate the properties of hot and cold


Build your own Ironman: use recycled materials to create your own Ironman prototype (tin cans, milk jugs, etc.)


Use Batman’s detective skills to find a solution to this logic problem.

Green Arrow

Use Green Arrow’s perfect aim to hit a target problem, then solve that problem

Green Lantern

Use Green Lantern’s ring to make shapes from these geometric shape tiles.

  • “We laid a sheet down on the floor, used pillow fluff as clouds, used black and yellow paper to make buildings on the bottom, and had the students lay down on the floor wearing a cape to look like they were flying!”

See the Super Hero Classroom Transformation Kit in Action