Safari Kit

“Yeah, I’m a thrill seeker, but crikey, education’s the most important thing.” -Steve Iriwin We all know school can get wild, but now we are really making it happen with a knowledge safari. Introduce students to new content or drive into an engaging review on a learning safari. Complete with jeeps, binoculars, and authentic animal artifacts from the OKC zoo this kit transforms school days into an amazing exploration.

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More Information

2 Canvas backdrops

Peacock feather

2 jeeps

Laminated snake skin

10 plastic table cloths to hang from ceiling

Set of resin insects

24 plastic safari hats

Deer antler

Animal print bags

Tropical leaves

Ostrich egg


Porcupine quills 

Wooden zebra

Plastic leaf containers

Animal cards

Small plastic animals

Plastic snakes

Wildlife safari card game

Binder clips

  • Go on a safari to find different types of angles, shapes, lines, etc.
  • Create travel brochures to different habitats. 
  • Character, setting, plot, 
  • Math fact safari – On your safari, make stops to talk about different math fact strategies (ex. 9’s, 5’s, 10’s)
  • Food web project 
  • Animal research project
  • Compare and contrast animal classifications (mammal vs. amphibian)


  • Hanging the curtains/backdrops from the ceiling with binder rings

See the Safari Classroom Transformation Kit in Action