Lego Mania Kit​

Lets LEGO together: learn, explore, grow, operate. This kit will has so many activities and challenges for teachers to encourage collaboration, creative thinking, and communication. Huge lego wall coverings, lego building glasses, and thousands of legos are ready to amp up student engagement!

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5 large lego paper box storage tubs.

Large mesh bag of legos

12 Lego building bases

5 lego brick table cloths to hang from ceiling

20 mini lego boxes


Lego party bags

Bag of star wars legos

12 Lego building glasses

7 tubs of Legos with 5 lego people

4 lego pennant banners

  • Have students build glasses that represent their personality and describe/explain their glasses to the class or small group to introduce themselves. (credit to Get Your Teach On)
  • Lego place value: use different sized legos to represent hundreds, tens, and ones to build numbers
  • Lego mazes: build a marble maze on the lego baseplate and have a partner try to solve it. Practice giving meaningful and constructive feedback by talking with your partner about how they could improve or change their maze to make it more difficult or fix a problem.


  • “There is lego shaped candy at most candy stores, and I had no idea but i think that would have been a fun treat for my students.”

See the Lego Mania Classroom Transformation Kit in Action