Doctors Kit

Transform your classroom into an authentic hospital setting with ambient sounds of a heart monitor, gloves and scrubs, and patients to save! Medical professionals have assisted in the development of authentic activity ideas to change ordinary school tasks into a day in the operating room! To reserve this kit, please email us at [email protected]

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4 white curtains

Masks (currently not provided due to covid)

6 blue curtains

Hair covers (currently not provided due to covid)

4 pairs of scrubs

2 doctors kits (stethoscope, blood pressure, thermometer, etc)

Original copy for student doctor badges

Plastic Bones

Plastic Organs

4 Real X-Ray Examples

ACE Bandage 

1 adult sized stethoscope

Doctor themed books

Grey sheet 

Binder clips

11 tweezers

File of medical themed activities 


  • Patient check-ups: students check each other on certain skills and help each other with anything they need help with.
  • Sentence surgery
  • X-ray measurement
  • Doctor research- using pebble go to have students learn about body systems
  • Q-tip skeletons- students built skeletons out of qtips and listed verbs the skeletons could do- wrote silly stories about the skeletons


See the Doctor Classroom Transformation Kit in Action