Dinosaur Kit

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More Information

Foam dinosaur masks and claws

1 pair dinosaur claws

4 brown twig wreaths/nests

set of large leaves and rolls of vine

5 or 6 dinosaur footprints

8 or 9 plastic toy dinosaurs

1 dinosaur nest (wreath) 

7 or 8 dinosaur eggs

6 green palm leaf table cloths to hang from ceiling

1 set or dino figures and skeletons


 binder clips
2 inflatable dinosaurs
16 leaf trays
17 dino park caution signs
  • Google expeditions dinosaurs AR
  • We sandwiched layers of gummy creatures between 3 different types of bread slices (for rock layers) and put them in large Ziplocs over the weekend, weighed down by heavy books. Students ‘unearthed’ their fossils, peeling away the bread, and were thrilled at the imprints left behind! (Photo in media folder)


  •  Put student tasks in the large dinosaur eggs. Have students complete the tasks to return all eggs to the nest before the mom dinosaur comes back to the nest!

See the Dinosaur Classroom Transformation Kit in Action