Construction Kit

Build a strong foundation of knowledge in your classroom with a construction themed room transformation. From blueprints to hammer and nails, explore the world of construction, engineering, architecture, and jobsite safety. This theme lends itself well to math concepts for all grade levels.

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6 student hard hats

20 Lowes student tool belts

6 student safety vests

6 safety cones

2 adult sized hard hats

7 safety signs

1 adult sized safety vest

24 safety goggles

2 real sized hammers

2 wall decorations

Old house blueprints

Caution tape 

Paper for drawing student blue prints

4 tool kits

3 measuring tapes

Nuts and bolts

Lincoln logs

Straw construction building set

  • Have students draw the blueprints for their dream home or dream classroom then write about what they included in the blue prints and why it was important to include it.
  • Student research on Pebble Go- construction workers article
  • STEM challenges- build a famous landmark, build a machine, build a structure and test it on an earthquake table
  • Hammering in nails while skip counting.
  • Sight word hammering board (pictures in media folder)
  • Constructing fact family houses

See the Construction Classroom Transformation Kit in Action