Chef Kit

This kit is a recipe for student engagement! Mix up some fun with a focus on culinary themed learning activities and standards based lessons. So many fun ideas to spice up a bland curriculum. From baking and nutrition to the inner workings of fine restaurant dining, make school fun while inspiring student interest in a new hobby, passion, or career!

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More Information

33 student aprons

8 red and white table cloths to hang from ceiling

22 student chef hats

1 giant inflatable pizza slice

1 pizza back drop

12 or 13 cookbooks/food related children’s books

2 pizza slice pennant banners

1 pizza fractions fun game

1 oven mitt

3 to go food boxes

3 mini tea light battery candles

5 or 6 sets of measuring cups

4 plastic white spoons

1 set of measuring spoons

5 or 6 pizza pans

2 or 3 cutting boards

1 pizza party dice game

1 crazy chefs game

5 shiny silver serving trays 

2 Pizza boxes

1 spatula or serving spoon

4 clear serving spatulas

Wooden silverware

small cash register

binder clips


dry erase dice

3 pie tins

pizza pizza game

sight word pizza game

kids plastic kitchen utensils

food puzzle

  • Write fractions on dry erase dice and have students add or subtract fractions
  • A book tasting – Set the classroom up as a restaurant and have books on table for students to preview. Have students look through pictures and discuss genre
  • Fraction pizza buffet- Use whole pizza and pizza by the slice to explain subtraction of fractions with regrouping 
  • Mixing up blends – Help students learn about blends and digraphs
  • Cookbook- Have students find sight words in different cookbook recipes or write about their favorite food
  • Spaghetti spaces and meatball spaces – A writing lesson to help students understand leaving spaces in between letters and a word versus the spaces between words in a sentence
  • Menu prices – Have students place an “order” and add up the cost of their bill. Have students find out price of tax and tip as a challenge question


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