Classroom Transformation Kits

Operation Engagement offers a classroom transformation kit program which provides resources to transform a classroom into a thematic learning environment.

What is inside of the kits?

 Each kit contains backdrops, costume components, decorations, artifacts, and more. All classroom transformation kits can be used with all grade levels or age ranges, any subject area, and can accommodate any curriculum or academic standards. 

Not sure how to implement a kit with your curriculum?

Ask about about our free lesson planning support and 1-on-1 coaching with our OE Team!

Classroom Transformation Theme Library





Harry Potter


Boot Camp




Game show

Coffee Shop

Coming Soon

Mini Transformation kits

Hands-on Items

Kit Checkout Procedure & Information

Reserving a Classroom Transformation Kit

First, view our kit options and descriptions on the resources page to learn what themes we offer. Then, complete the short kit reservation form and include which kit you would like to check out and for which week.

Once you submit the kit reservation form, an OE staff member will check the availability of the kit requested. If the kit has not been reserved for that week, we make your reservation and send you a confirmation email to review. If the kit is unavailable, our staff will email you dates that the kit is available as well as other themed kits available to give you a full range of options.


Kits are checked out for one week at a time, but may be reserved for consecutive weeks based on availability. Please be sure to return trunks by the agreed upon date of your reservation, so it is available for the next teacher coming to pick it up.

Pickup/drop-off times are during the business hours of your selected location: 

Independence Intermediate in OKC:

Monday – Friday
Or by appointment

 CJC Architecture in Tulsa:

Monday – Friday
Or by appointment

Kit Inventory

Each kit includes an inventory checklist, which teachers will fill out both when they receive the kit and before they return it. The checklist ensures that lost or broken items are accounted for. Many times our kits are reserved back-to-back, and our staff members are not able to check each kit thoroughly between reservations.

Picking Up & Dropping Off Classroom Transformation Kits

All pickups and returns are handled at the front desk of Independence Intermediate (OKC) or CJC Architecture (Tulsa). When you arrive to pick up or return a kit, please let the staff member at the front desk know that you are there for Operation Engagement and tell them your name and the theme of the kit. They will have a sign in/sign out sheet ready for you. Teachers are also welcome to send a friend or family member to pick up or drop-off, just be sure they know the teacher’s name and the theme of the kit they are picking up. This allows you to set a time with your pickup person if business hours do not work for your schedule. 

If you live outside of the Oklahoma City or Tulsa metro areas and cannot make the trip to our pickup/drop-off locations, kits can be shipped to your school for the cost of shipping both ways. Shipping rates are calculated depending on the distance to ship and weight of the kit.

Our classroom transformation kits come in a large rolling plastic tub and vary in weight so be sure you have adequate space in your vehicle and can physically manage the kit. Staff at pickup/drop-off locations cannot always leave their stations to assist teachers outside of the building. Most of our kits are between 30 and 60 pounds but can be as heavy as 90 pounds. If you have questions about the size of a kit, please feel free to contact our staff at 918-519-5826 or [email protected]

Oklahoma City Pick Up Location

Pick Up Hours

Monday - Friday: 7:45-4:30
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
or by appointment

We are here

Independence Intermediate School
500 E Vandament Ave, Yukon, OK 73099
Phone (405) 265-1352

Tulsa Pick Up Location

Pick Up Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00-5:00
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
or by appointment

We are here

CJC Architects Inc
1401 S Denver Ave., Tulsa, OK 74119
Phone (918) 582-7129


Jessica Abernethy

First Grade Teacher

The doctor classroom transformation kit was so exciting! Our students were so engaged and able to review in an exciting way! You can also transform two classrooms at once to make the experience that much more exciting! I can’t wait to use more transformation kits in my classroom to make learning more engaging and exciting!”


Rachel Punneo

Fourth Grade Teacher

I love the power of a room transformation.  Your kiddos will work harder than they ever have before simply because you have taken the time to ignite their fire for learning.  These are natural motivators and I love to see the enthusiasm in their faces as they shine brighter than ever.


Leahlyn Clare

Third Grade Teacher

Something about the world today makes it increasingly difficult to keep students engaged long enough to learn new skills but if you put real objects in their hands and transform their environment to make that learning come alive in real life situations… then they’re not only engaged, but they are begging for more!

If you are having difficulty in reserving a classroom transformation kit and need assistance, please email [email protected] with your request, and a teammate will assist you as soon as possible!