Harry Potter Kit

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Sorting Hat

30 wands

12 mini cauldrons

5 candles

1 quidditch broom

24 harry potter glasses

4 house banners

Hogwarts banner

  • Sorting Hat- place students in houses and give house points for a thematic classroom management system
  • Defense against the dark arts- social-emotional learning lessons
  • Charms- vocabulary instruction
  • Muggle studies- social studies
  • Transfiguration- an escape room to get all of the Horcruxes
  • Potions and herbology- science, experiment or inquiry/phenomena based lesson
  • Quidditch in PE or recess
  • Static electricity balloon experiment with wands
  • descriptive language and adjectives explaining the taste of a Bertie Botts Every Flavor jelly bean
  • make butter beer
  • hang floating candles from the ceiling with fishing line
  • green screen videos running through the 9 3/4 platform

See the Harry Potter Classroom Transformation Kit in Action