Harry Potter Kit

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1+ each Harry Potter Book

student wands

12 mini cauldrons

assortted candles

1 quidditch broom

quidditch set

37 harry potter glasses

4 house banners

Hogwarts banner

Potions class backdrop  Diagon Alley backdrop
 Hogwarts at night backdrop
Potions Chemistry containers
Sorting Hat
Marauders Map
House gift bags
Harrp Potter tin box
Black Velvet Cloak
Teacher Wand
 The Great Hall backdrop
Library Backdrop
Platform 9 3/4 walk through
Binder Clips
Harry potter Poster
Teacher Griffyndor Tie and glasses

  • Sorting Hat- place students in houses and give house points for a thematic classroom management system
  • Defense against the dark arts- social-emotional learning lessons
  • Charms- vocabulary instruction
  • Muggle studies- social studies
  • Transfiguration- an escape room to get all of the Horcruxes
  • Potions and herbology- science, experiment or inquiry/phenomena based lesson
  • Quidditch in PE or recess
  • Static electricity balloon experiment with wands
  • descriptive language and adjectives explaining the taste of a Bertie Botts Every Flavor jelly bean
  • make butter beer
  • hang floating candles from the ceiling with fishing line
  • green screen videos running through the 9 3/4 platform

See the Harry Potter Classroom Transformation Kit in Action