Ed Tech & Hands On

These Ed Tech & Hands On item sets can be reserved and used to enhance student engagement in your classroom!


Reserve this set of 8 Osmo bases for your classroom! Students love these hands-on activities and learning games. The rental includes tile sets for letters, numbers, tangrams, and more!

Coding Mice

Coding Mice can be used in any content area with any grade level! You just have to think outside of the box! Reserve this set of 5 coding mice for your classroom!


This class set of Versatiles is an engaging, screen-free alternative to traditional skills practice. Versatiles are a self-checking answer system creates a safe learning environment that increases student confidence. Your students will enjoy this flexible, reliable, low-prep classroom solution as they build math and literacy proficiency in a challenging, rewarding way.

Green Screen

Reserve the green screen for use in your classroom. There are limitless projects your students could try out with our green screen, ring light, and ipad/iphone stand.