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Emily’s an enthusiastic educator who believes all children deserve a teacher whose love for learning is so contagious it radiates to every student who walks through the doors! She has a bachelors in Elementary Education from OSU and a masters in Ed Leadership from UCO. She taught 1st grade before moving into an instructional specialist role.

Free Resources for Educators

OE Inc. has everything you need to take student engagement to the next level – conveniently! Classroom transformations are one of our favorite engagement strategies! Our kits include everything you need to transform your classroom into anything you can imagine with backdrops, props, costumes, learning resources & advice from other enthusiastic teachers. Open an Adventure!

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We offer passionate presentations on the importance of student engagement & creating a foundational love for learning. Operation Engagement is our name, and teacher inspiration is our game! We believe standard based lessons can be exciting and rigorous all at the same time. It just takes a little bit of curiosity and some creativity to make it happen!