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Operation Engagement virtual professional development recordings all stored in one place! Catch up on a session you missed. We are proud to support a community of incredible lifelong learners. Teachers are always working to grow, learn, and improve their craft to have the greatest impact possible.


I once thought Padlet was just a boring pinterest pinning, bland bulletin board type of tool, then Heather showed me the amazing, engaging ways Padlet can be used in virtual learning, in-person classrooms, or hybrid models!


Google Keep is way more than just a grocery list tracker! Have students who are chronically absent? Students on IEPs? Students who need extra help keeping track of due dates and/or goals? You can create a Google Keep sticky note and collaborate with students and their parents to keep track of their tasks! 


 Heather provided expert tips on how to enhance our digital resources with voice recording and easy ways to grade google slides! Perfect for in person, hybrid, or fully online models, try these tech tips out in your classroom!
"What I love about these PDs is that the content is relevant to all grade level teachers. They make tools feel more approachable, like anyone can use them."
- AE
Sixth Grade Math Teacher
“These videos helped me feel better about teaching virtually. Now I can incorporate fun things online too!"
- JG

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Keep up with all of the PD events Operation Engagement has to offer! New events are added frequently so check back in and mark your calendar!

If there is a topic you would like more PD on or a skill you would like to learn, we can help! Email any PD requests to [email protected]


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Bring OE to Your School or Event

Our incredible PD team offers passionate presentations on the importance of student engagement & creating a foundational love for learning. Operation Engagement is our name, and teacher inspiration is our game! We believe standards-based lessons can be exciting and rigorous all at the same time. It just takes a little bit of curiosity and some creativity to make it happen! Let’s work together 

Are you an individual or small team with a growth mindset? Our experienced team offers coaching to help you reflect and grow in your educational career. 

September 2022