Are classroom transformations just for classroom teachers?

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Are classroom transformations just for classroom teachers?

No way!! Classroom transformations can be used in many settings! We have had reading specialists, Speech-Language Pathologists, specials teachers, classroom teachers from elementary, middle, and even highschool! From home-ec to home school, from VBS to family literacy night, anyone can put our kits to good use making learning magic for students!

Today I specifically want to highlight a Speech Language Pathologist who recently used our Neon kit. Jessica Perry is in her first year working as an SLP for Broken Arrow Public Schools. In December, right before winter break, Jessica and her teammate transformed their classroom into a neon dance party bonanza!! “My students, my co-SLP, and I absolutely LOVED the glow transformation kit. We transformed my classroom and made our speech “glow” for the entire week!” Jessica told us about the excitement of trying out her very first classroom transformation. “My students were engaged, worked so hard, and were asking to stay in the speech room after the sessions were over. My very favorite part was opening my door on the first day and watching the students faces light up with excitement!” 

When asked how she used the kit as an SLP and connected activities to each student’s IEP goals she shared, “The glow kit gave so many options for speech stations to address the varying goals of each student. My students were asking the following week if my classroom was still glowing, or if we could do it every single week. I can’t wait to choose another transformation kit to use! Thank you operation engagement for what you are doing in the lives of our precious students!” We are so proud of Jessica and the experience she shared with her students! 

Tag a friend who doesn’t teach in a general Ed classroom setting who would love to try out a classroom transformation this semester!!