What is Operation Engagement??

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What is Operation Engagement??

Operation Engagement is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to spark student engagement and inquiry, inspiring joyous, lifelong learning by equipping educators with high-quality programming and resources. Our hearts believe that every kid can love school and find passions that lead them to bright futures. We believe that equipping teachers with resources and training is the most impactful way to spark a movement toward making school fun for students.

We have FREE resources available to teachers all over Oklahoma to remove barriers keeping them from fun, creative teaching. Our most popular resource is our Classroom Transformation Kits. Each kit comes in a large rolling tub with backdrops, costume components, artifacts, books, and decorations to transform the classroom into a thematic learning environment. The kits are rented, used, and returned just like a library system. We are moving into an Ed Tech space, working to add technology items to our resource library as well. 

In addition to our resource library, we also provide many professional development opportunities on a wide range of topics, both virtually and in-person, to support teachers across the state. We want to curate a growth mindset and encourage lifelong learning.

We are constantly adding to our team as we work to expand our offerings and grow our impact on Oklahoma education. 

If you have questions about Operation Engagement please message us or email our director at [email protected]